Saturday, December 10, 2005

Party Poker Player turns $55 To $2 Million

Aaron Kanter Rides $55 WSOP Step Tournament on online poker room to $2 Million 4th Place finish in WSOP The 27-year-old from Elk Grove, CA, known as "AK," is a former bank loan officer who was playing in his very first WSOP. Kanter holds a bachelor's degree in liberal studies from Chico State and was born in California's central valley. He knocked out last year's champion Greg Raymer during the tournament PartyPoker. Kanter, now a professional player, began playing poker in high school for dimes and quarters. He's been playing regularly on for the past two years. Going into the final day, Kanter was the chip leader with $10,700,000 but was knocked out at 4:00 a.m. when his Ace-9-9, was topped by "Tex" Barch's three jacks on the river. Kanter, still overwhelmed by the experience, said: "It felt unreal walking into a room with 200 tables and thousands of players, then working my way down to 20, then 10, two and finally, the final table." Kanter, who plans to use his prize money to secure his future with property and investments, will be one of the featured players joining the Million V in March 2006.

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