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I’m listing these links not to exclude others, but because it seems like a sense of community is starting to form and I want to encourage it and I want to encourage others to become part of it by commenting on San Diego Blog and commenting on each others’ weblogs.

Alex pointed out that the next time we meet it should be at a cafe and not at a bar so as not to exclude anyone under 21. I think the highlight for most of us is that we finally met in person bloggers whose thoughts, stories, and rants we have been reading for months or longer.

Inevitably the conversation often turned to shop talk (blog talk?) as we traded tips, secrets, and tools which we use while blogging, reading blogs, and podcasting. Steve Holden has proposed that we put together a mini, local BloggerCon early next year to do exactly that.

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What popped into your mind when you first read the headlines about Viagra? Well, I thought about that, too. But as a typical, fun-loving economist I also found myself wondering how the Commerce Department would account for the wonder drug in its estimates of the gross domestic product -- and from there wandered into a reverie about the meaning of economic progress.

Government statisticians will, of course, have no difficulty slotting Viagra into their estimates of ''nominal'' G.D.P., the sum total of all the money spent in the economy. Viagra's contribution will simply be the total amount that people spend on the pills, or, equivalently, the profits earned and wages paid in the drug's manufacture and distribution. What's more, we can be pretty sure that Viagra's numbers, while music to the stockholders' ears, will make very little difference
to the national totals. The new drug's spectacular sales are small change in an $8 trillion economy. And besides, most of the spending on this new product will come at the expense of spending on other things -- say, romantic vacations and candlelight dinners.

When to bluff

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A. When there aren't many other players in a pot.
Simply put, it's easier to trick a couple people than a crowd. With fewer hands out there, chances are better World Poker Tour that no one has made a reasonable hand. This is fairly common though, so many players won't believe you. Some will stay in the hand just to "keep you honest", so sometimes this needs to be a persistent bluff over a period of two or three betting rounds. That can be costly if they don't fall for it. You need to know the players before you use this type of bluff.

B. When you're up against fairly tight players.
Those that tend to fold easily are the biggest targets of a bluff. Bets will be put out just as a form of information gathering on this player's hand. If you bluff early (pre-flop, flop) against a very tight player and they don't buckle, you should think twice World Series of Poker about trying it again on a future round. They have something. Your job is to determine whether they have a made or drawing hand. Once again, you need to know the players.

C. On the river.
Especially if apparent drawing hands missed. That's when players react to rule #1 "the moment you know you can't win, throw in your cards". It is often a good idea to bluff with a weak hand, like ace-high or lowest pair with these kinds of bluffs, because some players will stay in just because of pot odds. If you do that, it is actually semi-bluffing (see the bottom of the page).

D. You're in late position and everyone else checked.
This one you'll have to gauge for yourself. It will most likely force some players out, but not all. This is a pretty common bluff once again, and many players Texas Holdem will stay in just because of bet odds, and/or to once again "keep you honest". This is another example of a bluff that needs to be more persistent over a couple betting rounds.

E. You bet pre-flop and missed.
That's because they don't know you missed! This can be dangerous, and you really have to evaluate to board before you get into this one. Sometimes it's good to bluff when AK misses, sometimes when 99 misses. You have to really feel this one out.

F. You have given other players "the fear".
It's about how other players perceive you. If you just won a hand through good play, the players who say "nice hand" are the ones who now respect you. They will more likely fold to your bluff if you play it right. The trick is to play the hand exactly the same way you played the other winning hand. Give it the "here we go again" act.

G. When the flop isn't so great.
Some players will fold automatically if all they have is an overcard. With a rainbow flop of 2, 6, 9, not many players will have much. This is another example of a bluff that can go horribly awry. I wouldn't be too persistent in this case, unless only more low cards pop up. Once again, know your players.

H. Pre-flop on the button, and everyone else has folded.
This is usually best used with tight players to your left. Its good because it can change from a bluff to a deceptively good hand with luck and the right flop.

I. When there is a pair on the board.
This is especially useful when the pair is 88 or lower. Chances are that these cards might have been folded or are still in the deck. This is one situation Texas Holdem Poker where you want to evaluate the hand very carefully if they do call though. This is a great situation to read the tells of the players who are NOT involved in the game. It's much easier to give away the fact that you HAD a card than if you HAVE it.

Keep in mind that these are pretty common reasons to bluff. Many players know these reasons. Most of the time it just won't work. The main thing is always to know your players and to not do it so often that it never works.

San Diego Notary


Many states require that all persons wishing to sell certain insurance products and investment vehicles undergo a criminal background check, with fingerprints submitted through the individual state agencies and then forwarded to the FBI's IAFIS. Our EFCS 2100 systems allow the electronic collection (without the use of messy inks) and submission of these required fingerprints through state law enforcement and FBI AFIS systems to comply with these requirements.

Electronic collection and storage makes it easy to produce as many fingerprint cards as are required for submission to multiple states' licensing bureaus, and eliminates the need for tedious reprinting for every renewal. In addition, our quality and sequence check features assure that the fingerprint record is correct and of sufficient image quality to reduce or eliminate the need for re-takes, and our software makes certain that all the demographic data necessary for submission is present.

Child Safety Programs

In today's unpredictable world, good identification and documentation records can be very important in the event of a personal disaster. In the critical first few hours after a child has gone missing, the most important thing is for parents to be able to provide a good recent photo of their children, together with other good identification information to law Enforcement. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children encourages parents to maintain a file of recent identification information, recent photographs and fingerprints.
A person legally empowered to witness and certify the validity of documents and to take affidavits and depositions is a
notary public san diego

What is a
notary public san diego?

A Notary Signing Agent is a Notary with special expertise in notarizing loan document signings. He or she is hired as an independent contractor by either a real estate lender, a closing agent (i.e., a title or escrow firm), or a signing service to ensure that loan documents are delivered to and signed by a borrower, then notarized as necessary and returned for processing in a timely manner.

Your fingerprints are not only unique; they're also very hard to fake and even harder to misplace. What better ID to use in a security system? Learn how fingerprint scanners know it's you. ... How San Diego Live Scan

For all but the youngest children, IBT's EFCS workstations can create a single document record that includes both a photograph and a full set of fingerprints, as well as carry unique descriptive information presented in a format familiar to Law Enforcement and compatible with standard federal data formats. This information can be stored on a floppy disk, and if updated regularly provides a one-stop source of identification information that can easily be shared between agencies to aid in the location and rescue of a missing child. It makes implementing an Amber Alert simpler and faster, thereby increasing the chance that a missing child will be found alive and well.

Party Poker Player turns $55 To $2 Million

Aaron Kanter Rides $55 WSOP Step Tournament on online poker room to $2 Million 4th Place finish in WSOP The 27-year-old from Elk Grove, CA, known as "AK," is a former bank loan officer who was playing in his very first WSOP. Kanter holds a bachelor's degree in liberal studies from Chico State and was born in California's central valley. He knocked out last year's champion Greg Raymer during the tournament PartyPoker. Kanter, now a professional player, began playing poker in high school for dimes and quarters. He's been playing regularly on for the past two years. Going into the final day, Kanter was the chip leader with $10,700,000 but was knocked out at 4:00 a.m. when his Ace-9-9, was topped by "Tex" Barch's three jacks on the river. Kanter, still overwhelmed by the experience, said: "It felt unreal walking into a room with 200 tables and thousands of players, then working my way down to 20, then 10, two and finally, the final table." Kanter, who plans to use his prize money to secure his future with property and investments, will be one of the featured players joining the Million V in March 2006.

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HGH and hGH refer to "human growth hormone." The reader may be curious as to why only this hormone is still often referred to as "human" when the term could obviously be appended to every hormone in the article Hormone. After three-letter abbreviations of amino acids were found so useful in the 1950s, endocrinologists in the 1950s tended to favor 3 letter abbreviations even for two-word hormones. At that time, most of the hormones available for administration, especially the proteins, were derived from animals. Most were similar, if not identical, to human hormones in structure and effectiveness.

However, animal growth hormones were relatively ineffective in humans because of structural differences. Human growth hormone purified from human pituitaries was a rare commodity used therapeutically between 1963 and 1984. The abbreviation hGH distinguished it from animal growth hormones in medical reports. When synthetic, human-sequence GH made by recombinant DNA technology replaced use of cadaver hGH in the mid-1980s (when it was associated with the development of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease and withdrawn from all use), the term HGH no longer Human Growth Hormone made sense, and endocrinologists largely stopped using the term for synthetic growth hormone. The abbreviation rGH can be used to refer to synthetic human-sequence growth hormone made by recombinant DNA technology, but to most endocrinologists, human growth hormone is simply "GH," whether measured in the blood or given by injection.
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A mesothelioma is associated with exposure to asbestos, especially blue asbestos. A mesothelioma is a tumour of mesothelial cells which generally occurs in the pleura (rarely a mesothelioma may occur in the peritoneum or other organs).

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